Write to Senate Education Committee about Vouchers!

Dear Senator,

I am writing to express my opposition to any bill that would allow private school vouchers supported by public funds. This includes tax-credit plans that would reduce the amount of money available to our public schools.

I believe that every Texas child should have access to an excellent education in his or her neighborhood. Our focus should be on supplying underfunded Texas public schools with the resources they need to be strong, rather than diverting funding into private schools. At the very least, the timing of these voucher proposals is poor, given the severe budget cuts that have affected Texas public schools.

I am also aware of the poor track record of voucher programs nationwide in providing improved outcomes for the majority of students.

Finally, I am troubled by the thought of giving money to private schools that are not held to the same accountability standards and rules that public schools must shoulder.

I urge you to consider focusing on your constitutional duty to build an efficient system of public education, not private.

Thank you for your consideration.



If you are writing specifically about SB 155, which would provide voucher funding for children with disabilities, you may mention this in your letter. Florida’s plan, on which this idea is being modeled, has had issues with poor performance by private school operators and an ongoing investigation into corruption over use of funds. A much better solution would be to increase funding in our existing public schools for children with disabilities, and to work in partnership with service providers that can expand our capabilities.

Senate Education Committee Members:

Dan Patrick


(512) 463-0107

Eddie Lucio


(512) 463-0127

Donna Campbell


(512) 463-0125

Robert Duncan


(512) 463-0128

Ken Paxton


(512) 463-0108

Kel Seliger


(512) 463-0131

Larry Taylor


(512) 463-0111

Leticia Van de Putte


(512) 463-0126

Royce West


(512) 463-0123

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