Who We Are

What is Save Texas Schools?

Save Texas Schools is a nonpartisan statewide volunteer coalition of parents, students, educators, business leaders, concerned citizens, community groups and faith organizations. Our goal is to encourage our state’s elected officials to support quality public education for ALL Texas students, pre-K to college.

What Does Save Texas Schools Stand For?

Looking ahead, Save Texas Schools urges all candidates and state leaders to support the following urgent actions:

  • Make outstanding public education a top priority for Texas.
  • Restore all school funding cuts made by the 2011 legislature ($500 per student) and provide sufficient resources for our growing student population.
  • Revise school finance laws to be fair to all students.
  • Fix the $5 billion annual structural deficit to avoid further cuts to education.
  • Reevaluate and limit high-stakes standardized testing.

Who We Are

Advisory Committee
Chair, Allen Weeks


  • Suvi Aika
  • Tom Archer
  • Dana Brewer
  • Joey Cardenas
  • Chad Chadwell
  • Tom Cummins
  • Sue Diegaard
  • Christine Fougerousse
  • Kristine Garana
  • Joshua Greene
  • Roger Isom
  • Penny Wright James
  • Martianne Johnson
  • Mike Jones
  • John Kuhn
  • Lou McCreary
  • Michael Messer
  • Dinah Miller
  • Susan Moffat
  • Leesa Monroe
  • Aurelio Montemayor
  • Cindy Offut
  • Shelley Potter
  • Bobby Rigues
  • Jason Sabo
  • Cissy Sanders
  • Alfredo Santos
  • Lucian Villasenor
  • Hilary Whitfield
  • Elizabeth Wirth