What Community Schools Legislation is Save Texas Schools Supporting?

Save Texas Schools is supporting Community Schools legislation, including bills that would expand early childhood education programs, support for English Language Learners and special needs students, and continued expansion of college and career training opportunities.

Specifically, Save Texas Schools is submitting three bills that would:

1. Define the meaning of “Community School” in the Texas Education Code, setting a standard for schools wishing to become a recognized Texas Community School. In addition, addition would establish a process by which a campus would become a Community School.Webb March

2. Provide funding for Community Schools to help with planning and coordination.

3. For schools struggling with state accountability rules, schools that have missed standards for two years and are facing reconstitution of the campus would be able to choose instead to become a Community School. Schools already in the process of becoming a Community School would be allowed to continue without reconstituting.

Bill language and bill numbers will be coming soon, along with information about sponsors for the bills.