Three Ways to Help Save Texas Schools

Now that the March 12 rally is over, you may be wondering what’s next? How can I continue helping the movement?

Below are three important ways you can help keep the Save Texas Schools movement going:

1) Write and/or call your state representative and senator

How: Go to our Contact Your Representatives page. Letters and instructions are provided. Keep checking back each week for updates on bills to support. And get 5 of your friends to contact their representatives, too.

2) Speak out in your local media.

How: Hold rallies, write to the paper, call the radio, use social media like facebook and Twitter. Keep this alive! Repeat the basic points everywhere:

  • Keep Texas smart – make education a top priority!
  • Use the $9.3 Billion Texas “Rainy Day” Fund to support schools
  • Sign the paperwork for $830 Million in federal aid for teachers
  • Fix school funding laws to be fair to all districts and to our growing student population.

3) Ask your legislator to hold a forum on education funding in your district

How: Call your state legislator’s office to schedule a date ASAP. Find your state rep’s name and number by entering your address here.

Now… Share these steps with everyone!

Click here to download these steps in an easy postcard format (four to a page in .pdf). Then print and share these steps with everyone you know. To download/print in Spanish, click here.


Email us! Let’s start a conversation about how you can keep the momentum going and the pressure on from your area.

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