So Much to Say

Get your art supplies ready… it’s time to make those protest signs for the Big Event!

For your protest / rally signs, get inspired with these tips from fellow Save Texas Schools Supporters…

Lose Our Schools, Lose Our Future

Fund Texas Schools Now!

Perry’s Texas Miracle: Disappearing Schools!

I’m a Parent & I Vote!

We’ll Remember in November – Save Our Schools!

Keep Texas Smart!

Our Schools, Our Kids, Our Future

A Strong Education = A Strong Economy

Don’t Dumb Down our Future!

It takes a teacher to raise an educated village

“Don’t Mess With Texas¹s Future: Make Education A Priority Now!”

“Keep The Future of Texas Bright: Don¹t Dim the Lights on Education”

S.O.S.! Save Our Schools!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, our government is snoring!

It’s raining!  It’s pouring! Perry, stop ignoring the rainy day fund!!

Saving Texas Schools = PRICELESS

Come & Take It (with a pencil & star like this)

Don’t expect EXEMPLARY if you give MEDIOCRITY

If you can read this, thank a teacher

Rick Perry needs some Circle Time

Teachers: Building our future! Rick Perry: Tearing it down!

We are Winning!! The race to the bottom in Education!

(And of course…) Save Texas Schools!

And check out these beautiful sign ideas from folks in Arlington ISD.

Now get creative! Just please frame your messages in the spirit of peaceful, positive protesting. (Remember there will be many children at the Capitol, too.)

And if you’re from outside of Austin, your group should bring at least one big sign or banner saying where in Texas you’re from. We want our legislators (and the media) to know who is there!

Now why not call your friends and host a sign-making party? Bring the kids. Roll up your sleeves together. Working side-by-side is a great way for everyone to feel engaged and involved – and get excited for the big day!

Got more sign ideas? Post a comment to share them below.

Thanks and see you March 12!

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