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“Save Texas Schools” in the News
Considering the Issues
Texas School Districts In Crisis

STS in the News

On 1st Day of School: Their Future, Our Fight
– Texas Insider 8/22/11

How Texas Betrayed Its Schools
– 7/20/11

Save Texas Schools conference purpose is to send 2013 message
– KVUE Austin

Group seeks to hold state lawmakers accountable for public ed cuts
– KCEN Central TX

Austin conference begins effort to educate Texans about school funding
– Fort Worth Star Telegram

Point Austin: The Quality of Mercy
– The Austin Chronicle

Thousands gather at Capitol to protest school cuts
– Hill Country News 3/16/11

It could take years before Texas truly saves its schools, kids will be packed like sardines 
– NOWCast San Antonio 3/15/11

Bonham Academy joins 11,000 Texans for Save Texas Schools rally in Austin 
– NOWCast San Antonio 3/15/11

Krull: Save our schools
– The Statesman 3/15/11

Austin again site of protests against proposed education cuts
– Star-Telegram 3/14/11

Thousands Of Texas Educators Protest Budget Cuts At Capitol
– Huffington Post 3/14/11

Matagorda teachers join rally in Austin
– Victoria Advocate 3/12/11

Thousands protest at Texas Capitol in opposition to education cuts
– Fort Worth Star-Telegram 3/12/11

Teachers Rally to Save our Schools
– FOX Austin 3/12/11

Thousands protest cuts to school budgets
– KEYE News Austin 3/12/11

Thousands rally at Capitol to protest school budget cuts
– YNN 3/12/11

Thousands rally at Capitol to protest education cuts
– The Statesman 3/12/11

Thousands Protest Education Cuts At Texas Capitol
– The Texas Tribune 3/12/11

Thousands stand up for school funding
– Austin KXAN 3/12/11

Texas Save Our Schools Rally Saturday 3/12
– SXSW 3/11/11

Education Rallies Roll into the Capitol
– Public News Service 3/11/11

Save Our Schools!
– The Austin Chronicle 3/11/11

Teachers riled up over governor’s remarks
– San Antonio Express News 3/10/11

Education advocates to rally at the Capitol as budget cuts loom
– The Statesmen 3/10/11

AISD Job Cuts Hits One Household Twice 
– KUT 3/10/11

Schools prepare for rally at Capitol
– KXAN Austin 3/9/11

Mom to give kids lesson in politics
– The Houston Chronicle 3/8/11

Teachers, parents to rally against cuts in education
– San Antonio Express News  3/7/11

Texans gather support to ‘Save Texas Schools’
– YNN 3/7/11

Huge education cuts prompt San Antonians to rally in Austin
– KENS-5 3/6/11

Time to Make Education in Texas a Priority
– Ft Worth Star Telegram 2/22/11

Parental Lobbying
(photo 3rd from top on left) – Austin American Statesman 2/16/11
(This photo & cutline ran on the front page above the fold in the printed version)

AISD families make push at Capitol
– KXAN Austin 2/16/11

Austin Parents Head to Capitol to Save Their Schools
– Fox 7 Austin 2/16/11

Carstarphen to city council: We need a solution
– YNN Austin 2/16/11

Considering the Issues…

Texas’ school-funding problem won’t go away
– San Antonio Express 7/22/11

FAQ about the 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature
– TX Assoc. of School Boards

School finance: Now what? How did we get here?
– Tri-County Leader

Senate Finance Adds $5.7 Billion for Public Ed
– The Texas Tribune 3/24/11

Taking schools’ money wrong budget solution
– My SA 3/24/11

Short of Funds, Texas Eyes School Reserves
– The Texas Tribune 3/23/11

House committee passes budget with steep cuts
– 3/23/11

Chamber will continue to push for education
– El Paso Times 3/20/11

Texas Legislature considering education issues other than funding
– Star-Telegram 3/20/11

History is not on their side
– The Statesman 3/18/11

Rick Perry Reverses Course on Rainy Day Fund
– Huffington Post 3/17/11

Gail Collins says Perry used $3.2 billion in stimulus money for schools to plug other holes in his budget
– Austin American-Statesman 3/16/11

On the Budget, One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
– Texas Observer 3/16/11

Texas Economic Miracle Beginning To Tarnish
– Huffington Post 3/16/11

Where Do Texas Officials Send Their Kids to School?
– Texas Tribune 3/16/11

Appropriations OKs $3.1 Billion From Rainy Day Fund
– Texas Tribune 3/16/11

GOP leaders endorse revision of history curriculum standards 
– My SA 3/16/11

How About a “Pro-Life” Budget?
– Texas Tribune 3/15/11

Rick Perry says rainy day fund is “our insurance policy against a major natural disaster”
– Austin-American Statesman 3/14/11

Obama to Congress: Fix No Child Left Behind Before Start of Next School Year
– Texas Insider 3/14/11

Opinion: Pay Teachers More
– The New York Times 3/12/11

Higher Property Taxes, Teacher Cuts and Blame
– The New York Times 3/12/11

Perry needs to do some demonstrating, too
– The Statesman 3/11/11

Dan Patrick says Texas school districts, all told, are the world’s fifth-largest employers
– Austin American-Statesman 3/11/11

It’s everybody’s fault, except for Rick Perry’s
– The Statesman 3/10/11

School districts aren’t at fault
– San Antonio Express News 3/10/11

Rick Perry says a “rather extraordinary amount of non-classroom employees” were added by Texas school districts over the last decade
– Austin-American Statesman 3/9/11

Perry says state not to blame for school woes
– The Houston Chronicle 3/9/11

Perry shameless to disavow state’s role in schools’ crisis
– San Antonio Express News 3/9/11

What $9.8 Billion in Texas School Cuts Looks Like
– The Texas Tribune 3/9/11

Texans learn harsh reality of cutbacks
– Financial Times 3/9/11 (subscription only)

Perry: Buck doesn’t stop with state when it comes to teachers losing jobs
– San Antonio Express News 3/9/11

Perry says teacher layoffs are a ‘local decision’
– Star-Telegram 3/9/11

Perry: Don’t blame the state for teacher layoffs
– The Statesman 3/9/11

Education Reform: President Pushes “Shared Responsibility”
– Texas Insider 3/8/11

School district flexibility measures get a look
– The Statesman 3/8/11

House, Senate far apart on initial school funding cuts 
– The Dallas Morning News 3/8/11

Tight Budgets Mean Squeeze in Classrooms
– The New York Times 3/7/11

Texans Duel Over Millions in School Funding 
– The Wall Street Journal 3/7/11

Paxton: Improving School Finance in Texas
– Texas Insider 3/7/11

Letter From Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn to Governor Rick Perry regarding the 2006 Perry Tax Plan
– 5/15/06

Tea party lawmakers agonize over budget
– The Statesman 3/6/11

Less Is Still Less
– The Austin Chronicle 3/4/11

Point Austin: Behind the Numbers
– The Austin Chronicle 3/4/11

GOP budget chiefs favor using rainy-day money, despite Perry protest 
– The Dallas Morning News 2/28/11

Pitts on His Rainy Day Bill: “The Texas Budget Doesn’t Have Fat” to Cut
– The Texas Observer 2/28/11

UPDATED: Sen. Ogden: Budget “decimates” public education
– The Statesman 2/28/11

Balancing the budget on the backs of schoolchildren
– Rio Grande Guardian 2/27/11

No easy answers for deep budget cuts in education
– The Statesman 2/27/11

Texas, Budget Cuts & Children: Leaving Children Behind
by Paul Krugman – New York Times 2/27/11

A simple truth: 22-1 classroom ratio works
– Houston Chronicle 2/26/11

Do Texas Schools Spend Too Much on Administration?
– Texas Tribune 2/25/11

Bill Would Shield School Finance System From Lawsuits
– The Texas Tribune 2/25/11

Budget Cuts Have Some Calling for STAAR Delay
– The Texas Tribune 2/23/11

Texplainer: Can Wisconsin Happen Here?
– The Texas Tribune 2/23/11

Time to make education in Texas a priority
– Star-Telegram 2/22/11

Texas Education Agency layoffs begin
– The Statesman 2/22/11

Youth Advocates Worry Cuts Will Put More in Prison
– The Texas Tribune 2/22/11

Can Scott Hochberg Cut Costs and Improve School Testing? 
– Texas Observer 2/22/11

Spare Advanced Placement courses
– The Statesman 2/21/11

UT/Texas Tribune Poll: Mixed Signals on Budget Cuts
– Texas Tribune 2/21/11

As new tests loom for students, money for textbooks nonexistent
– The Statesman 2/21/11

U.S. House Votes on Texas Education Money [Updated]
– 2/19/11

How Does Your School Superintendent’s Pay Compare?
– The Texas Tribune 2/17/11

Teacher-veteran fears effect of proposed cuts
– mySA 2/16/11

Mrs. Bush, Abstinence, and Texas
– NY Times – 2/16/11

Cy-Fair Superintendent on Education Cuts
– The Texas Tribune 2/15/11

Perry, Doggett and Their $830 Million Feud in Texas
– The Texas Tribune 2/14/11

Expert says education at risk if state’s spending cuts enacted

Deficit-ridden Texas no longer laughing at California

America’s Math And Science Gap

Athletics: Where Budget Balancers Fear to Tread?

GOP senator floats idea of statewide school tax

Rethinking Budget Cutting
– Pew Research Center 2/10/11

Democrats fire back at Perry on education funding
– mySA 2/10/11

A Conversation with Rob Eissler
– The Texas Tribune 2/7/11

Experts see bleak future if education is slashed

We Can’t Afford to Cut Education
by Barbara Bush – Houston Chronicle 2/5/11

Texas Works: Demographic Change & Education
– A report by Susan Combs, TX Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas on the Potomac
– Washington News with a Texas Accent (ongoing coverage)

Texas School Districts In Crisis…

Deep Rift in Beaumont, Texas, on School Leadership
– The Texas Tribune 3/25/11

Home News LISD staff input considered in proposed cuts which include 250 jobs 
– Hill Country News 3/23/11

Fort Worth district cuts closer to being fully identified
– Star-Telegram 3/23/11

Hutto school closure hits small community hard
– The Statesman 3/23/11

SAISD trustees hold off on pre-K changes
– My SA 3/22/11

Proposed LISD cuts include 213 first-year teachers
– Hill Country News 3/21/11

Revised state budget could lessen Valley schools’ pain
– The Monitor 3/21/11

Leander district to terminate 213 first-year teachers
– The Statesman 3/21/11

CCISD projects revised $1.6M to $36M budget shortfall, prepares for cuts 
– 3/21/11

Cash-strapped Fort Worth schools consider cuts in math, science
– Star-Telegram 3/21/11

Leander ISD lays off more than 200 teachers
– The Statesman 3/21/11

Viewpoint: Millsap students pre-determined to draw a black bean
– Mineral Wells Index 3/14/11

HISD approves deep cuts to bridge shortfall
– The Houston Chronicle 3/11/11

Hoping to avoid layoffs, Fort Worth district sees its incentives draw interest 
– Star-Telegram 3/10/11

922 school employees’ jobs remain in jeopardy
– The Statesman 3/8/11

SAISD rethinks pre-K closures
– San Antonio Express News 3/8/11

East Texas Teachers Visit Austin To Voice Budget Concerns
– Tyler Morning Telegraph 3/8/11

Budget cuts ripped at town hall
– San Antonio Express News 3/8/11

Of Facilities and Communities
– The Austin Chronicle 3/8/11

Austin school district plan for resignation incentives is killed
– 3/7/11

Apple on the Table
– The Austin Chronicle 3/7/11

25 HISD schools may lose magnet programs
– The Houston Chronicle 3/4/11

Schools: Under Siege
– The Austin Chronicle 3/4/11

AISD\’s Next Step After Exigency?
– The Austin Chronicle 3/4/11

Texas school districts, parents mobilizing to tackle funding cuts 
– The Dallas Morning News 3/3/11

Parents Protest Cuts in the Classroom
– FOX Houston 3/3/11

Group in Diboll asks legislators to tap state’s rainy day fund
– The Lufkin Daily News 3/3/11

Hundreds turn out at rally against state funding cuts 
– The Dallas Morning News 3/2/11

Small Ellis County school district makes ‘difficult’ cuts
– WFAA 3/2/11

Second Grader Gives Savings To Save Teachers
– 3/2/11

Advocates: Dewhurst can come to the aid of South Texas schools
– Rio Grande Guardian 3/1/11

AISD declares fiscal exigency, reviews draft budget 
– Community Impact Newspaper 3/1/11

Pflugerville Rally for Schools; District talks lesser budget shortfall
– KEYE 2/25/11

City, AISD Look for School Fixes
– The Austin Chronicle 2/25/11

DISD fleshes out incentive program
– Dentron RC 2/24/11

State Senators Try to Buy Time for Teachers
– Texas Tribune 2/24/11

How about a temporary sales tax increase dedicated to public schools?

Senate bill would give Texas teachers more time to challenge job losses
– Star-Telegram 2/24/11

EPISD delays action: Plan to close schools vehemently opposed
– El Paso Times 2/23/11

HISD can’t rule out raising taxes

Round Rock school district could cut hundreds of jobs
– The Statesman 2/23/11

Rockwall school board approves plans for layoffs
– The Dallas Morning News 2/21/11

Pre-K classes targeted

Perry played politics, students lost
– The Bastrop Advertiser 2/19/11

Task Force Recommendations
– The Austin Chronicle 2/18/11

Area School Districts Take Knife to Budgets
– Austin American Statesman 2/16/11

Aid Cuts Have Texas Schools Scrambling
– The New York Times 2/14/11

Lubbock Schools Face $27 Million Loss Due to State Budget Gap

State Budget Shortfall Means Tough Times, Layoffs for San Antonio Schools

Denton: “Tap the Rainy Day Fund”

Houston Schools Likely to Close Due to State Budget Hole

Plano ISD Approves Layoffs as Public Ed Faces State Cuts

Houston Shudders at Education Cuts

El Paso Anticipates Teacher Layoffs

Wichita Falls Faces School Budget Cuts

Irving Takes First Step Toward Teacher Layoffs

Texas Budget Cuts May Shift Burden to Locals

Educators Take Concerns to Austin

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