Rally IN the Capitol on June 4

The Eyes of Texas Are (Still) Upon You:
We’re Watching, We’ll Remember & We Vote!
Saturday, June 4
11 am and 1 pm
Inside the Texas Capitol

With the legislature in special session this week to finalize school funding cuts (as well as those to health and other services), Save Texas Schools will be back on Saturday, June 4 to send a message: We’re watching, we’ll remember and we VOTE! Two weeks ago, we had over 300 gather in the lobby of the House Chamber in three very loud rallies. This Saturday, we’ll be in front of the Senate as they meet in session to discuss school finance.

We believe it’s important, even at this late date, to state that the current failed legislature does NOT represent the vision of most Texans. The rallies two weeks ago encouraged courageous legislators to stand up and tell the truth. This Saturday will be about accountability. If you choose to cut funding on the backs of children and families, if your vision leaves out the majority of Texans, then we need your seat filled in 2012 with someone who can fulfill his or her responsibilities to ALL Texans, not just a few special interests.

On Saturday, we will also be publicizing the fact that the current spending bills, while cutting schools, healthcare and other services to the elderly, include $500 million in giveaways to special interests.

Texas can and must do better by its kids. Stand with us this Saturday in the halls of the Texas Capitol – our future depends on it!


  1. If you can, e-mail us at info@savetxschools.org to let us know you’re coming. If you’re bringing a group, give us the approximate number.
  2. Come a few minutes before 11 am or 1 pm so that we can start our rallies right on time. The lobby of the Senate Chamber is on the second floor, just above the Rotunda.
  3. Bring signs and bring your children! Their presence speaks powerfully! Also, if you have a Save Texas Schools t-shirt or other shirt with appropriate message, please wear.
  4. Each rally will last approximately 90 minutes. Be ready to get LOUD! If you can, stay for both rallies. Food is available in the Capitol Grille between rallies.
  5. More questions? Call us at 512-653-4935 or e-mail info@savetxschools.org


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