Op-Ed about Save Texas Schools in Austin American-Statesman

April 16, 2015: Save Texas Schools explains why we are rallying about underfunding and over-testing, using a fable about the land of Tejas, called “Time has come to write a happy ending for Texas schools.”

There was once a large kingdom in a fair and prosperous land called Tejas. It’s rulers decreed, for the sake of future generations, to build a schoolhouse in every village and town, and to give every child, no matter their status, a good education. The rulers of the land levied a tax on houses and lands, and a tax on sundry other things, and a tax on abundant natural resources, and redistributed gold to each village and town for its school. In time the rulers also decided to help the sick and needy, to build roads for commerce and to provide for other needs of the kingdom.

The wizards of the land created magic formulas in their secret chambers to decide how the rulers should redistribute the gold, but a time came when the formulas lost their magic, there were no longer rulers who understood the formulas, and confusion reigned.  Read more . . .

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