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The Save Texas Schools Petition

We, the undersigned, believe that a strong public school system is the most important investment we can make in our children and our state’s economic future. Yet Texas had already fallen to 44th nationally in per pupil funding even before the legislature cut an additional $5.4 billion from public education in 2011.

We call on all state leaders – both officeholders and candidates – to pledge their support for the following emergency actions in the next legislative session:

  • Make outstanding public education a top priority for Texas.
  • Restore all school funding cuts made by the 2011 legislature and provide sufficient resources for our growing student population.
  • Revise school finance laws to be fair to all students.
  • Fix the $5 billion annual structural deficit to avoid further cuts to education.
  • Reevaluate and limit high-stakes standardized testing.
  • Reject efforts that reduce funding to public education, including school vouchers
We can no longer afford leaders who fail to recognize the critical importance of a strong public education system to our economy and our future. We’re watching, we’ll remember and we vote.
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After signing the Save Texas Schools petition, join with our friends at the Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) to sign their petition to stop the cuts.


School employees and others employed by the public sector may not use work time or property, including computers, to discuss or forward messages with political content. Nor may they use school or work networks to send communications or enlist support for political causes, such as this one, or to send items related to or advocating for or against any specific position or legislation. For these reasons, it is important that you use a private email address when corresponding about the Save Texas Schools Rally or other political activities. If you do not have a private email address, you may obtain one at no cost through Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or other free providers.