Community Schools on the Leg Radar

The Houston Chronicle (12-4-14) reviews key education issues in the 2015 session, with community schools high on the list.

In response to efforts to focus on voucher and other “school choice” programs, the article states that: “Teacher groups plan to counter these efforts with a push to again make public schools the center of the local community. They’re pointing as examples to Austin’s Webb Middle and Reagan High School, where local advocacy leaders have made the campuses a focal point of the community.

By providing “wrap-around services,” like tutoring and career training for students as well as parents, the model touts to a “no cookie-cutter” grass-roots approach to school improvement.

“This could be one of the most exciting issues discussed during the session,” said Linda Bridges, who heads the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.“It could mean real change and positive change.” “

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