A Crucial Time

April will be a crucial time in the Texas legislature. The fate of our public education system may very well be decided during this time.

We CAN affect the outcome of the budget bill!

How can you help? The formula for success is 50+500+5000 = More $$$ for Texas public education. We need 50 local Save Texas Schools Champions. We need 500 local events over the next three weeks. And we need 5,000 people writing and calling their legislators daily during this critical three-week window.

Become a local Save Texas Schools Champion!

We are looking for 50+ people who can manage and grow the list of Save Texas Schools supporters in their local area, and then help those people be engaged in local action.

Do you have some extra time? Are you computer literate? Can you work with a team of folks and keep everyone on track? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then we need you!

Email us if you’re interested in learning more. We can match you with others near you who are also highly motivated. Please don’t delay!

Become part of 500 local events statewide!

We made a huge impact by bringing together 12,000+ to Austin on March 12. Our legislators know that many people are watching. Now it is time to spread the movement statewide. We want to see 500+ local events between this Wednesday, March 30 and Saturday, April 16. These can be small or large, but they definitely need to attract local print, radio and TV media so that we can get the message out.

Click here for local event ideas and tips.

Planning to sponsor a local event? Email us so we can keep track and help publicize!

Become one of the 5,000+ who are writing and calling their legislators daily between March 30 and April 16.

You make a HUGE difference when you write and call your legislator. Focus on the following:

  • I do not believe education is over-funded right now (we’re 37th nationally in per student spending and 46th in student achievement), and I do not want to see large cuts to education. My community is willing to pay the price to invest in our children’s future! At the very least, I want to see education funded at current levels (which do not take into account growth).
  • I hold the legislature responsible for fixing the STRUCTURAL DEFICIT. Our funding plan is broken and we need new revenue to fund education and other needs. (Click here for more history of the current budget crisis)
  • The legislature and the governor MUST spend the balance of the RAINY DAY FUND during this man-made budget crisis. Don’t punish our children for the failings of the legislature and governor.

Click here to get the names and numbers of your legislators. Warning: Before you call, be comfortable talking about the points above. Need more information? Go to our news and issues sections.

Email us to let us know how you are organizing to get people calling and writing!

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