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Pastor Frederick Haynes from Dallas speaks about choice between education and incarceration at Feb. 23 rally in Austin. Click here to see all speaker videos from the rally.

What's Wrong With the new A-F Grades for Schools?

Legislators, schools and parents are fighting back against a flawed grading system for schools.Click here for more info.

The Latest on Testing

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School Funding 25% LESS than 10 Years Ago

When people say that we are spending enough (or too much) on schools, check out this analysis from Politifact.Click here for more information

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Trump-Devos Budget would cut federal ed funding by 13%

Center for American Progress March 17, 2017 Yesterday, President Donald Trump released his devastating budget for the 2018 fiscal more

House looks to spend $2.5 billion from Rainy Day Fund

Austin American-Statesman Thursday, March 16 House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond, on Thursday unveiled a new more


Dear Friends of Save Texas Schools,

The 2017 Save Texas Schools Rally is this coming Saturday, March 25!

Join thousands of fellow Texans at the State Capitol to tell our legislators that they cannot continue the practice of underfunding and over-testing our schools! We’ll gather at the Capitol from 10 am to Noon, with speakers, including students, teachers and parents, who will tell it like it is to our elected officials from both sides of the aisle. Sign up for the rally and we’ll help you recruit others, as well as find transportation. Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date rally information and to sign up for the rally. Spread the word!

Why are we rallying?

Texas is at a crossroads in whether we are going to continue depriving, demonizing and privatizing our public schools, or whether we are going to do the hard work of investing in our children’s future. The current budget being discussed in the Senate is dire, to say the least. Texas schools lost billions in potential support through tax cuts last session, and now we face cuts at the federal level. Enough is enough! Debate on the education budget starts next week in the House and Senate. Let’s come together with a HUGE response on Saturday to tell our legislators, “Do your job and fund public schools adequately and fairly!”

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Thanks for everything you do for Texas schools and kids!

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